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Premium Electronic Digital Caliper 6 Inch/150mm by PRECISION TOOLZ

Take precise measuring on a new level with the ultra-accurate premium electronic digital caliper. PRECISION TOOLZ brings you one of the best digital calipers with top quality design, remarkable preciseness, low battery consumption and guaranteed long-term usage.

Buy once, use conveniently on long-term!

No fluff, no frustrations. If you want precise measurements, we offer you one of the handiest measurement instruments! The low battery consumption guarantees at least 3500 hours of usage and the electronic digital caliper comes with SR44/LR44 battery.

 Multiple Use

Measure small pieces, joints, rollers or any desired object. Guaranteed smooth and quick handling with precise and fast data reading!

 Large LCD Screen

No more struggling to read the lines, the extra-large LCD screen will clearly display the measurements in inches or mm. This guarantees intuitive handling and productivity!

 Top Quality Manufacturing

Coming in a sleek protective case, the exquisite 150mm/6 inch digital caliper made of stainless steel 5CR15 will provide maximum durability and wear resistance!